Villa Arrebol Azul~home rental

This villa was built in 2009, in the Zumacal area, on a plot of 800 square meters, occupying 120 square meters distributed over two floors. Its facilities are new and well equipped and it has a 100 Mbps fiber optic Internet connection, and Wi-Fi on both floors and in the garden.

You can enjoy incredible mountain views from the rooms, but at 10 minutes from Arucas and 25 from Las Palmas de GC always on good roads. It is an ideal base of operations for hiking or cycling or simply enjoying the island.


3 bedrooms. Master with double bed with Smart TV, another bedroom with 1 bed and desk for teleworking and the third bedroom with two beds.

Bathroom with shower on the first floor and another bathroom with tub on the second floor.

Private garage and easy parking at street level in front of the villa's door.

Kitchen overlooking the garden and equipped with fridge, vitro, oven, microwave, toaster. Separate laundry room with washing machine, sink and small clothesline.

Spacious living room with dining table and comfortable TV area with the possibility of watching Disney+ and cable TV. Playstation 4.

Magnificent porch overlooking the garden to watch the sunsets or sunrise while having breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Barbecue area and garden with orange, lemon, kiwi, avocado, medlar, mandarin, mango, apple, chestnut trees, etc...

Distance to hiking trails: 

Distances from El Arrebol azul to the hikings tours

Senderos de Valleseco

Punto de Inicio de la ruta Punto Final de la ruta Duración
de las rutas
Coste del servicio
"Mejor en Taxi"
(ida y vuelta)*
Cruz de Tejeda - Lomo Rosa (PR GC01) 15,2 kms. 5,8 kms. 2 h. 20 min. 21.00 €
Cruz de Tejeda - Valsendero (PR GC04) 15,2 kms. 8,8 kms. 3 h. 15 min. 24.00 €
Valleseco - Valsendero (PR GC05) 4,5 kms. 8,8 kms. 1 h. 20 min. 13.30 €
La Laguna - Barranco de la Virgen         (PR GC06) (Por la Puerta de la Montaña) 3 kms. 11,8 kms.. 1 h. 30 min. 14.80 €
La Laguna - Barranco de la Virgen         (PR GC07) (Por los Chorros) 3 kms. 13,1 kms. 3 h. 50 min. 16.10 €
Lomo Rosa - La Laguna (SL 01) 5,8 kms. 3 kms. 0 h. 50 min. 8.80 €
La Laguna - Barranco de la Virgen (SL 02) (Por Zamora) 8,8 kms. 3 kms. 2 h. 10 min. 11.80 €
Valsendero - Las Madres (SL 03)         (Bco. De la Virgen)  8,8 kms. 13,1 kms. 1 h. 10 min. 21.90 €

* Está la opción de usar el servicio sólo por un punto desde el inicio o desde el final de la casa rural.

El Zumacal VT-35/1/0014580
+34 653504477