Church of San Vicente Ferrer

The reason to build this church in honor of Saint Dominican from Valencia was because of the great devotion that the inhabitants of Valleseco had for him since he was in the holy Church of Teror which was their church before Valleseco separated. The congregation, in which all neighbors belonged, built the first chapel, with the tax money collected in 1170. It was later replaced by the present church.

The Templo de San Vicente Ferrer, with its simple construction method highlighting the pulpit inside and up into the coffered Mudejar, is the oldest building in Valleseco (1898). Cepillo de Ánimas, San Vicente Ferrer, and some of other pictures of great historical and artistic value are remarkable because of their age and construction, which come from the ancient predecessor of the church chapel. The Church is also a venerated shrine that contains a piece of bone from the arm of the saint. Its main relic is a German organ from the 18th Century, which resided earlier in the Iglesia del Pino Teror, and has been recently renovated, restoring all its beauty and charm to spellbound listeners with it's melodies.

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