Restaurante Balcón de Zamora

Situated in a beautiful natural viewpoint to the neighboring municipality of Teror and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, this venue is open to the public since 1960. It is run by a family that is dedicated entirely to offering the best of Canarian cuisine to all its customers.


Among the dishes, you can find el cabrito en adobo, el potaje, el cerdo frito, mojo de cochino, la cabra en salsa, las papas arrugadas con mojo, etc. and for dessert, you can have arroz con leche, mus de bizcocho de Moya o de gofio, tarta de manzana, etc.


It has two spacious meeting rooms with capacity for 300 persons each, which brings together numerous celebrations. It also has a large parking area.

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Crtra. GC 21, 13 Valleseco
928 61 80 42
928 61 86 24
Tuesdays - Sundays: 08:00 - 18:00; Mondays: closed


We came across this restaurant whilst driving over the mountains of Gran Canaria, and entered the small bar where locals were having their lunch. I liked the look of what one of the locals was eating so I ordered it, and so did my friend. It was a stew and beautifully cooked. So refreshing to find a decent meal after all the cheap Lidl food they serve in Malpalomas where we were staying. I give this restaurant top marks, and strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a good hearty meal in Gran Canaria,
John Eagle