Restaurante Grill Los Arcos de la Laguna

This establishment belongs to the brothers of the Rogelio family, with a long tradition in Gran Canaria. This place has three rooms, one for smokers, large parking, playground and terrace with lovely views. It also offers a grill and an extensive wine cellar with 80 varieties of wines which are virtually all of Canarian origin as well as a variety of other countries.




  • Castilian-Segovian: roast suckling pig and lamb, beans from the farm


  • Canarian: wrinkled potatoes with mojo, rabbit in red meat sauce, stews watercress, grilled meats, mushroom with gofio or scrambled with Iberian ham or shrimp.

 Culinary workshops performed  throughout the year:


  • March / April: Jornadas segovianas with chefs from well-known Segovian restaurants like Casa Cándido and Casa Duque, specialized in roasted suckling pig
  • June: Jornadas de las legumbres (bean family) to be used in a variety of dishes like los garbanzos de Pedro Sillano or las lentejas de Almunia
  • November: Matanza del Cochino Negro Canario, different dishes made with this native breed of pig. Among other dishes, you will find las costillas de cerdo con piña.


Fruit par excellence of Valleseco is the apple! Therefore featured in numerous desserts such as los Frixuelos ~ crêpes de manzana (apple) con salsa de chocolate; also on the menu the typical Torrijas con miel (honey) or the delicious Biscuit de higos (figs).


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Cruce de La Laguna Valleseco
928 618 282 / 618 279
928 243 142
12:30-22:30 Fridays & Saturdays; 12:30-16:30 Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays