Plans with children

In Valleseco, there are many ways to have fun with your family. You can go on short walking tours, visit the Ethnographic Museum or discover the secrets of the natural reserve of La Laguna with "Musi", the shrew. Here we will tell you all the ideas to enjoy yourself and have a wonderful day.

  Walking tours:

1) Circular route to the Century Cross:

It is a short 1-hour walking tour near to the centre of Valleseco. Ascending to a natural viewpoint, you can see most of the municipality, the mountains of the centre of the island and the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. On top you find the Century Cross, put there at the beginning of The XXth century. You have to ascend some metres by a path, passing by different ethnographic elements, such as washing areas, a threshing area and a water tank built into a cave.

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2) The path of the laurisilva forest: Pico de Osorio walking tour:

Following this short 45-minute route, you will arrive to the top of the Osorio Peak. You walk in the shade of the laurisilva trees planted in the nineties and you can also find other native plants such as cresta de gallo, tajinaste azul and flor de mayo, and some aromatic species, such as Canarian thyme, poleo and niota. Here you have some photos that will make it easier for you to identify them. 

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tajinaste azul         

cresta de gallo           




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3) The enchanted path: Circular route La Laguna-Barranquillo de las ánimas-Pico de Osorio-La Laguna

In the Barranquillo de las ánimas, you can find fayas, viñátigos, big ferns, estrelladeras and Canarian geraniums, depending on the season. This path seems to have been taken from a fairy tale.

This route is slightly longer than the former ones, approximately 2 hours/2 hours and a half. You have to start at the leisure area of La Laguna, beside the fence near to the kiosk. After walking some metres to the left, you have to descend some steps shaded by chestnut trees. Continue on the road until you find the path signposted as PRGC07 (this route is part of a longer path). You go into Barranquillo de las ánimas and you have to go out again and look for the sign PRGC07 and continue up the path until you arrive to the road next to the entrance to Pico de Osorio mountain. There, you can climb to the peak (40 min.) or turn right to walk back to La Laguna. (Do not walk in this area when it has rained to avoid slipping).

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Visit the Ethnographic Museum of Valleseco:

Do you know that the tradition of eating "gofio" comes from our ancestors who arrived to the Canary Islands thousands of years ago? In the heart of Valleseco, the Ethnographic Museum alow you to find out about the origin of "gofio", how it is made and all its properties. You can learn about it with different interactive games, boards and videos.

Here you can learn more about this place (+)

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Look for Musi in La Laguna of Valleseco:

In the interior of the leisure area of La Laguna, Musi, the shrew will help you to find out all the secrets of this place surrounded by nature and get to know our natural heritage better. Musi will show you the trees which are capable of attracting the rain, the fruit which was eaten by the Canarian aboriginals or the medicinal plants which they used to cure themselves. Here you can learn more about this place (+)

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Discover and paint Valleseco:

We give you three drawings of places of Valleseco to paint. They show you some local traditions, such as women washing their clothes or natural reserves such as Calderetas. Come to see them with your parents and send us your paintings and comments to add them to our web photo gallery.

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