Finca Macaronesia~home rental

Located in the Municipality of Valleseco at the north of Gran Canaria, the rustic holiday home Finca Macaronesia with more than 200 years of history, offers guests a fantastic view of two mountains as it is situated in the middle of the called "Barranco de la Virgen". The protected natural area hosts protected bird species. The 100 m² property consists of a living room, a fully-equipped kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and can therefore accommodate 6 people. Additional amenities include a fan, a washing machine, heating as well as a dryer. The property has Wi-Fi throughout the accommodation including the pool area. There are also TVs in both bedrooms and a Netflix account for guests. In addition, a table tennis table is available for your use. A baby cot is also available. The property offers homemade/homegrown produce. This property has recycling rules, more information is provided on-site. The country house boasts a private outdoor area with a pool, a garden, a children's pool, an open terrace, a covered terrace and a barbecue.

Two parking spaces are available on the property. Free parking is available on the street.

Max. 1 pet per booking allowed (upon request). Animals roam freely on the property, and it is a protected natural area.
Air conditioning is currently not available. Wi-Fi is currently not available. There are security cameras and/or audio recording devices on the premises. BBQs and fires allowed ONLY in the designated area Do not smoke indoors, do not leave cigarette butts or leftover food outside. Please note: The property is cold in the winter months. Do not bring glass to the pool area. Children must be kept under supervision. Youth groups are not allowed. Fruit or vegetables must be requested from the owner, guests are not allowed to harvest them. Parties are not allowed.
No external visitors allowed.


  • Children pool

  • Washing machine

  • Heating

  • Baby bed

  • Animals on spot

  • Dryer

  • Flat iron

  • Fan

  • Board games

  • Outdoor pool

  • Private covered terrace

  • Private uncovered terrace

  • Yard
  • Grill
  • Parking on site

  • Fenced property

  • Patio furniture

  • Parking on street


  • Kitchen

  • Cooktop

  • Microwave

  • Fridge

  • Coffee machine

  • Coffee included

  • Toaster

  • Kettle

  • Spices

  • Dishes

  • Cutlery

  • Dishcloth

  • Dish detergent


  • Recycling / waste separation: Glass

  • Recycling / waste separation: Paper

  • Recycling / waste separation: Plastic

  • Recycling / waste separation: Organic waste / compost

  • Energy-saving lighting

  • Natural / sustainable insulation materials

  • Water-saving shower(s)

  • Water-saving toilet(s)

  • Water-saving tap(s)

  • Offers homegrown vegetables

  • Offer homegrown herbs

  • Offers homegrown fruits

Distance to hiking trails: 

Staying in this wonderful house provide access for amazing hiking in Valleseco. Check out our hiking routes information  below, and please try our community service:  "Mejor en Taxi" which makes for an easy and economical way to experience trekking Valleseco.

Distances from Finca Macaronesia to the trail heads and ends
 Valleseco Hiking Trails Trail's start point Trail's end point Trail hiking time Service cost
"Mejor en Taxi"
(round trip)*
Cruz de Tejeda - Lomo Rosa (PR GC01) 18 kms. 8,6 kms. 2 h. 20 min. 26.60 €
Cruz de Tejeda - Valsendero (PR GC04) 18 kms. 3 kms. 3 h. 15 min. 21.00 €
Valleseco - Valsendero (PR GC05) 7,3 kms. 3 kms. 1 h. 20 min. 10.30 €
La Laguna - Barranco de la Virgen         (PR GC06) (Por la Puerta de la Montaña) 8,8 kms. 0 kms.. 1 h. 30 min. 8.80 €
La Laguna - Barranco de la Virgen         (PR GC07) (Por los Chorros) 8,8 kms. 1,3 kms. 3 h. 50 min. 10.10 €
Lomo Rosa - La Laguna (SL 01) 8,6 kms. 8,8 kms. 0 h. 50 min. 17.40 €
La Laguna - Barranco de la Virgen (SL 02) (Por Zamora) 3 kms. 8,8 kms. 2 h. 10 min. 11.80 €
Valsendero - Las Madres (SL 03)         (Bco. De la Virgen)  3 kms. 1,3 kms. 1 h. 10 min. 4.30 €

* You can also use the service one way only, or try other starting or ending points like bus stops or restuarants...


C/ Barranco de la Virgen, 37, 35349, Valleseco, Gran Canaria VV-35-1-0017323