La Casa de la Virgen

The finca (farmhouse) Casa de la Virgen, was acquired by its present owners in 2005. It is located in the Barranco de la Virgen, situated within a priceless environment and heritage, the location opens from the center of Gran Canaria to the north coast, in the municipality Valleseco, and rooted in the Rural Park Doramas. The perfect place for nature lovers and hikers.


At an altitude of 600 m. above sea level and covers an area of 17,000 m the land has been home to several buildings of great architectural and ethnographic value as "El Pajar", the "Casa de La Virgen" and "Los Orobales". Both the farm and its buildings suffered a remarkable state of neglect for decades. The owners have been determined to restore them to their formal beauty.


The visitors ought to make  special note of the flora that can be found within boundaries of this land.  The visita is filled with thriving oaks and chestnut trees with native species such as Canary Island pine (two copies for its unique height and age, of whom one is known to neighbors as "El Pino de la Virgen"), laurel, or barbuzanos palms. You will also find a large variety and quantity of endemic species of great beauty such as Canarina Canariensis (known as Bicácaro), or fruit such as plum, medlar, orange, lemon and several figs.


La Casa de La Virgen was the second of the buildings selected by the owners for their rehabilitation. It is a late nineteenth-century beginnings of the twentieth century, used as the main house.

Height 600 m
Capacity: 6 persons
Bedrooms: 3
Double bed: 1
Individaul beds: 4
Pets: None allowed
Payment method: Bank transfer
50% at booking, 50% check-in


Central Heating
Kitchen equipped with:
  ¤ Vitroceramic Plate
  ¤ Microwave Oven
  ¤ Electric oven
  ¤ Fridge
  ¤ Toaster
  ¤ Coffee machine
Washer, Dishwasher
DVD Player
Board games
First aid kit
Classic Books
Parking Lot
Fruit trees
Mobile Coverage YES


From the photos you can see that the place is well cared for by the owner with attention to detail in it's restoration. They  were fortunately to be able to use original items such as "palos de tea" that separated the two plants y paving stone slabs which were replaced after construction.



This page will guide you through the steps to follow to make your reservation correctly:


1. Check and confirm the date you require and length of stay by sending an email to:




2. We will check availability and we will respond as soon as possible.


3. If interested, confirm your reservation and payment of the deposit via bank transfer.


 Normally the price of accommodation is occupied per night, minimum 2 nights and includes the cost of water and electricity, as well as cleaning and changing sheets and towels, which will take place once a week (High frequency available at an additional charge).


Check in is at 5:00 pm on the first day of the contracted period and end at noon on departure date as indicated. 50% surcharge on the price for delays.


A prepayment of 50% of the stay in order to guarantee of the reservation. Proof of payment must be sent by fax within two days of confirmation of availability, otherwise your reservation will be canceled.

Distance to hiking trails: 

Staying in this wonderful house provide access for amazing hiking in Valleseco. Check out our hiking routes information  below, and please try our community service:  "Mejor en Taxi" which makes for an easy and economical way to experience trekking Valleseco.

Distances for El Pajar de la Casa de la Virgen to the trail heads and ends
 Valleseco Hiking Trails
Trail's start point Trail's end point Trail hiking time Service cost
"Mejor en Taxi"
(round trip)*
Cruz de Tejeda - Lomo Rosa (PR GC01) 18 kms. 8,6 kms. 2 h. 20 min. 26.60 €
Cruz de Tejeda - Valsendero (PR GC04) 18 kms. 3 kms. 3 h. 15 min. 21.00 €
Valleseco - Valsendero (PR GC05) 7,3 kms. 3 kms. 1 h. 20 min. 10.30 €
La Laguna - Barranco de la Virgen         (PR GC06) (Por la Puerta de la Montaña) 8,8 kms. 0 kms.. 1 h. 30 min. 8.80 €
La Laguna - Barranco de la Virgen         (PR GC07) (Por los Chorros) 8,8 kms. 1,3 kms. 3 h. 50 min. 10.10 €
Lomo Rosa - La Laguna (SL 01) 8,6 kms. 8,8 kms. 0 h. 50 min. 17.40 €
La Laguna - Barranco de la Virgen (SL 02) (Por Zamora) 3 kms. 8,8 kms. 2 h. 10 min. 11.80 €
Valsendero - Las Madres (SL 03)         (Bco. De la Virgen)  3 kms. 1,3 kms. 1 h. 10 min. 4.30 €

* You can also use the service one way only, or try other starting or ending points like bus stops or restuarants...



CR-35/1/0147(Barranco de La Virgen, 13, Finca de la Casa de La Virgen)
(0034) 630 074 613

Capacity: 6 people

Minimun stay: 4 nights

Minimum stay at Christmas : 7 nights